Special Session List

 Participant Name  Institution Title of Talk Chaired by
Dr Messaoud Bengherabi CDTA, Algeria Demo on Forensic Speaker RecognitionDr Messaoud Bengherabi 


CDTA, Algeria Fusion Of JFA And I Vector For Forensic Speaker Recognition  
Dr Messaoud Bengherabi
Imene Bouchair, Karima AitsaadiCDTA, Algeria

  Digital Fingerprint Securing In AFIS System Employing LBP Operator  
Dr Messaoud Bengherabi
Siti Zaharah Abd Rahman

University Kebangsaan Malaysia Forensic Facial Identification based Face Hallucination Technique with Sparse Representation Dr Messaoud Bengherabi
Ary NoviyantoUniversity of Indonesia Beef cattle identification based on muzzle pattern using a matching refinement technique in the SIFT methodDr Messaoud Bengherabi
Mohammad SabriPhD Candidate &
Biometrics Specialist
MATIRAN Co. Ltd. Iran

 Biometric data acquisition challenges under constraint condition Prof. Sheikh Hussain
Prof. Sheikh HussainUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia Biometrics Standard and Experience in MalaysiaProf. Sheikh Hussain
Dr Norman PohUniversity of Surrey BEAT : Biometric Evaluation and TestingProf. Sheikh Hussain