Poster Session

Call For Contribution to Poster/Discussion Session

It is whether you are interested in discussing your work-in-progress with the domain experts or showcasing your finished project to the fellow participants or simply wishing to raise your presentation profile, here is the call for you. 

Please submit an abstract to by 6th July 2016 and indicate "Poster/Discussion" in the subject of your email. The outcome of acceptance will be informed within two weeks of your submission. Successful candidates will have to present their poster during the day of 3rd August 2016

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Face biometrics

·        3D face recognition

·        Facial ageing effects

·        Facial analysis

·        Parts-based face recognition

·        Face recognition applications

·        Gender/ethnicity/kinship recognition

Other biometrics

·        Soft biometrics

·        Gait

·        Fingerprint

·        Novel biometrics

·        Novel sensors

·        DNA biometrics


    Biometric technology

    ·        Biometric databases

    ·        Large-scale deployment


    Privacy and security

    ·        Biometric encryption

    ·        Cancellable biometrics

    ·        Anti-spoofing methods


    Image-based biometrics

    ·        Ear biometrics

    ·        Face recognition

    ·        Ocular recognition

    ·        Hand geometry

    ·        Iris biometrics

    ·        Palmprint

    Machine learning

    ·        Metric learning

    ·        Feature learning

    ·        Deep learning