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Kar-ann Toh

Kar-ann Toh

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
College of Engineering, 
Yonsei University, Seoul,
South Korea

Kar-Ann Toh is a full professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University, South Korea. His research interests include biometrics, pattern classification, optimization and neural networks. He is a co-inventor of a US patent and has made several PCT filings related to biometric applications. Besides being an active member in publications (PAMI, Machine Learning, Neural Computation etc), Dr. Toh has served as a member of advisory board and technical program committee for international conferences related to biometrics and artificial intelligence. He is currently a senior member of IEEE, an associate editor of IEEE-TIFS,  Pattern Recognition Letters and IET Biometrics. 

Talk : Linear and Advanced Classifier Methods for Biometric Applications

In this talk, we will first go through a brief account on important developments in pattern classification and subsequently zoom in to a new branch of linear methods for classification. In view of the discrepancy between the frequently adopted least-squares error measure and the actual classification error count needed, we seek a classification error formulation for direct cost minimization. By approximating the nonlinear counting step function using a quadratic link, we show that the classification error rate minimization is deterministically solvable. Consequently, this classification-based learning will be shown to be related to existing classifiers such as Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis, Least Squares Error and ROC-based learning in terms of mere data scaling. The effectiveness of the methodology shall be demonstrated through multimodal application examples."