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Daigo Muramatsu

Dr. Daigo Muramatsu

Department of Intelligent Media
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Osaka University

Talk 1 Online signature verification -From a basic approach to the state of the art approaches-

Online signature verification is a biometric person authentication method that uses features extracted from motion of writing signature. From the motion, several dynamic and static features are extracted, and authentication is performed using these multiple dynamic and static features. In this talk, I will explain a basic approach for online signature verification at first, and then explain more sophisticated approaches. I will also summarize results of several online signature verification competitions, and talk about challenging issues associated with online signature verification.

Talk 2 : Attacks against online signature verification

Different from the other biometric modalities, accuracy of online signature verification algorithms has been evaluated in consideration of impersonation attacks; FARs of the algorithms have been evaluated using different types of forgery. In this session, I will talk about 1) possible attacks against online signature verification, 2) types of forgery considered in the online signature verification fields, and 3) impact of the forgery type against accuracy. I will also explain solutions for the attacks.