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Hitoshi Imoaka

Dr Hitoshi Imoaka

NEC Corporation, Japan


Hitoshi Imaoka is a research fellow in Information and Media processing Laboratories, NEC Corporation, Japan. His research interests are biometrics and pattern recognition. He received a Master and PhD degree in applied physics from Osaka University. He started up the R&D division at NEC in 1997. In 2002, he started working on the research and development of face recognition algorithm and holds currently a position as a leader of the face recognition R&D team. An algorithm his team has developed ranked the highest accuracy in the still face track of Multiple-Biometric Evaluation 2010 carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NEC’s face recognition software has been applied to over 20 countries worldwide.

Talk : Face Recognition - Evaluation and Application

With the recent rise in crime and terrorism, the need for biometrics technology increases year by year. Face recognition has advantages not found in other biometrics, e.g., not requiring direct contact. Face images also can be captured from a distance, and authentication can be run discretely in crowds without causing congestion. In this session, main topics are 1) introduction of face detection and recognition algorithm, 2) face recognition market and application for government and commercial use, and 3) evaluation results of face recognition algorithm.